• Cleaning of all types of biomass heating plants and power plants with oil-fired boilers, LUVO`s, ECO`s, heat exchanger, E-filter, ventilators, pipelines and container flue gas- and waterside
  • CO2- dry-ice-, granulate-, iron grit-, and bead blasting
  • Professional power plant equipment and skilled staff for all cleaning cases and plant sizes
  • Cleaning and purging of the furnaces and flue-gas ducts with subsequent vacuum cleaning of the ash
  • Contaminations of all types will be removed with industrial vacuum cleaner and suction vehicles if necessary
  • 24 hour emergency service and on-call service
  • Special conditions within the scope of maintenance contracts
  • Corrosion protection work for steel constructions with cleaning and surface processing and coatings of all kind
  • Competent consulting and supervision